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Estimated value - $133,600
Owes - $105,700 {mortgage($79,000), modification ($11,700), HOA fees ($15,000)}
Equity - $27,900

Good neighborhood, 3-4 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, central AC, possible lien from HOA fees, owner says property is in good condition, may need some upgrades.

Is there room for an offer or should I walk away?
Chris Haddon

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Brando, there is ALWAYS a price that works. It's just a questions of whether or not the seller (or short sale lender) will accept it. Use the Profit Maximizer Lite to work backwards into a purchase price you should offer. You seem to be missing some of the costs associated with an acquisition. Good luck!
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You need to find out how much in repairs are needed first, then you could calculate that to the equation. Next you would get an after repair value to the full factor, then take off all the expenses.
This could work if you apply lease options with the owner or a retail buyer. You could purchase it fix and hold. Or wholesale it for $10k.
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